Monday, September 21, 2009

Bold & Beautiful !

I recently came across Henry Road, a los angeles based studio & store, which owner and fabric designer Paula Smail showcases her <amazing collection> of textiles that she designs.
Her textiles have BOLD and colorful graphic prints { influenced by Marimekko }, with which she creates home accessories and uses to update old furniture..... and what you get is a very eclectic mix of old and new,.... absolutely beautiful, check them out !
♪♫ ♪ here are a few of my favorite things ♪♫ ♪

All above images via: Henry road online


  1. i'd spend a fortune if i was let loose in that shop, fabulous!! Of course being a Brit i love the Union Jack flag mixed in with everything else. Great post!! :))

  2. So do I , I- LOVE -the union jack chairs !!! I'd probably be just as bad if I too was let loose in that shop..... :)

  3. Love the riot of colour.
    Getting a little tired of the Union Jack though :)

  4. Oh what pretty patterns, Im going to have to check it out! Thanks :)


  5. OMG all this chairs are so beautiful, I want to do something like this to my chairs!!! thank you for the inspirational photos!!! I'll let you know when my chairs are done :)