Wednesday, September 16, 2009

finding treasure !!!

I love scouring flea markets and antique stores, and not because I'm an antique collector enthusiast or a collector of anything for that matter - it's just the thrill of hunting for that one special find and knowing exactly where you're going to place it when you get home. 
But for many of us who can't get to flea markets or haven't the time to go to antique stores, visit P.O.S.H online, for one of a kind or limited finds that appeal to any pocket book. They have an amazing selection of antique Hotel silver, french linens, toys, accessories and timeless treasures yet to be discovered. If you're lucky enough to live or visit Chicago stop by their shop in person, I'm sure it will be quite the experience !
♪♫ ♪ here are a few of my favorite things ♪♫ ♪

Vintage Belgian Painting on Board - Mixed Floral in Yellow Pot

Vintage Book from the Library of

Vintage Silverplate Hotel Coffee/Tea Set

All above images via: P.O.S.H online


  1. Yeah i totally get you on this one, i have fond memories of going to junk shops in Orpington UK with my dad when i was little, he was an excellent carpenter who often visited junk shops finding old pieces of furniture, taking them home and lovingly bringing them back to life. I love both sets of glasses shown here by the way :))

  2. Hey Steph, that must have been a lot of fun, I would have loved to see your fathers creations, ............ love your comment !!!

  3. Lovely pictures! I love antique shows & swifting thru jewellery. Some of my best pieces are Art Deco rings that I absolutely love. And they make great conversation pieces too:) Great blog:)

  4. Art Deco rings !!! lucky you....... would love to see those !

  5. Love the knobs and the bellboy - off to check out the site x

  6. I love antiques!! my parents house is full of them!!! and flea markets too :) thanks for the site!!!

  7. Jan, those knobs are truly sweet , it could probably work in any decor....I wish I could purchase everything I liked there :( sigh............

    Ana, your parents should be thankful I'm not around, or else I'd be touching every antique in their house :)..... no kidding !

  8. some great finds

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