Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I'm sure most of you have heard of the multi-talented artist,Nathalie lete. If you haven't then you must have seen many of her beautiful works featured in one of my favorite stores none other than:Anthropologie . I emphasize the word multi, since her work & creativity has no boundaries, her art is expressed in so many ways such as: paintings, ceramics, textiles, toys and jewelry, all centered in child like themes inspired by vintage toys and fantasy, accompanied with wit. I am so completely captivated by her work and I'm certain you will too.
{I'm sure her work has a legion of admirers }
Her work is currently featured in Anthropologie's online exhibition space called The Gallery.
Also check out her website: http://www.nathalie-lete.com/

aabove images via: Nathalie lete

Image via: anthropologie

Image via: Anthropologie

Image via: Anthropologie


  1. To my sister you've got the most increadible talent ever, so versatile, and I appreciate your taste in ART! LOVE YA!XOXO,K.G.

  2. Oy ! why aren't you in bed ? Go get some sleep ... your twins are depending on it :) xoxo